Different Types of Dates and Their Significance

Updated: Jul 24

Dates are delicious stone fruits that grow on date palm trees in the tropical regions of the world. Although dates are predominantly spread across North African and Middle-East nations, they flourish in the arid north-western regions of India.

types of dates

These are highly nutritious, succulent and juicy in texture and are often used for medicinal purposes by the desert nomads.

Significance of Indian dates fruits -

  • The nutritional value of dates is remarkable, with a higher concentration of antioxidants and calories.

  • Indian dates have several properties that promote brain health and encourages natural labour in pregnant women.

  • Dates are also known to prevent bacterial infection and thus, serves as a natural substitute for antibiotics.

Types of dates found in India and their benefits:

Let’s look at the different types of dates and benefits of all of them, especially those found in India.


Also known as the Queen of Dates, Medjool is one of the best quality dates in India available throughout the year. These dates are the perfect choice for making milkshakes and desserts because of their unique taste.


Safawi dates have high nutritional value and, if eaten on an empty stomach in the morning, helps in cleansing the digestive system. They are delicious, soft, fleshy, and sweet in taste.


One of the most exquisite types of dry fruits, Khudri makes its place among the best dates in India. These dates are exported to many nations worldwide, owing to their high quality and refreshing taste.


These dates are famous for their health benefits and are often consumed by Indians early in the morning. Ajwa dates price in India are a bit higher than others but can be easily found all year.


Barhi is a seasonal variety of khajoor. Its sweetness varies according to the degree of ripeness. People can eat these dates raw - hence are a very popular delicacy among the desert folks.


With silky smooth skin, thick flesh, and a delectable taste, Kimia dates are among India’s finest dates. It can be eaten raw and people also use them in desserts and sweet dishes.


These caramel-like amber-coloured dates taste best when eaten with yoghurts and fruit salads. Hallawi dates are a good source of dietary fibers. They are also perfect for people with high sugar sensitivity.


Zahidi dates are rich in amino acids and dietary fibre and low in sugar content, making them highly nutritional. This mid-season variety is popularly known as “butter date” in India due to its delicate flavour profile and pale skin.

Deglet Noor:

Deglet Noor finds itself among the most popular dates in India. These are nut-like khajoor with a firm outer skin and are moderately sweet in taste. These make the best alternative sweetener for bakery products.


Hayani is a sweet and fleshy type of date primarily used for preparing desserts and other sweet delicacies. This variety doesn’t have a high-calorie content which makes it a wholesome raw food to eat.

Each of these date varieties has its own distinct flavour profile and level of sweetness. Among these - Medjool, Safawi and Ajwa steal the spotlight. If you want to buy these exquisite dates in India, we are at your service. Shop at Effar Dates & Dry Fruits - the one-stop market for quality dates, dry fruits, and nuts.

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