We all relish dry fruits. Whether eaten alone or blended with any culinary item, dry fruits never fail to enhance our taste. Loaded with nutritional and medicinal properties, dry fruits have become an indispensable part of our kitchen must haves. Considered as delicacies, those fussy fruit eaters are even enamored with them. Mix dry fruits with smoothies, shakes, yogurt and the awesome combination will leave anybody spellbound. And the best part is that owing to their size, one can carry them along for a quick munch anytime. Free from sugar, harmful fats and chemicals, dry fruits are an ideal food.

There are a plethora of the varieties of dry fruits. You can find a huge variety of dry fruits online. With so many options, you can buy dry fruits online with ease. Owing to the benefits they offer, even doctors advise to consume dry fruits on daily basis for good health. Here’s our list of 5 dry fruits that you must add to your daily diet to stay fit and healthy:

1. Almonds:

Almonds or badam are hard nuts famous for the health benefits associated with it. High source of antioxidants, essential oils and vitamin E, almonds are a perfect wholesome meal. Consumed both in raw and roasted way, almonds help in maintaining the health of the heart. It also helps in weight management significantly. Good for the skin and hair, California Almonds help in controlling blood sugar levels too.

2. Cashews:

Cashews or kaju are used in a majority of exotic dishes due to its creamy texture. Abundant in vitamin B6, E, protein and magnesium, these white colored, kidney shaped nuts can do wonders for your body. Cashews help in reducing weight, the risk of numerous heart diseases and bad cholesterol.

3. Raisins:

Raisins, also known as kishmish, are basically sun dried grapes. It has a sweet in the beginning and tangy at the end flavor. It is a high source of iron. A good quantity of raisins, if consumed daily can help improve the digestive system and also help in treating anemia, stomach acid and constipation related problems. It also helps in the reduction of weight.

4. Walnuts:

Walnut or akhrot, are pretty hard nuts. They are single seeded with a strong outer cover. Rich in vitamins, protein, antioxidants, minerals and omega 3 fatty acids, walnuts offer many benefits, that one must include it in the daily diet. Walnuts have the unique capability of preventing cancer and reducing stress. Simultaneously, it is also extremely good for the hair and skin. The fatty acids present in it helps in reducing weight and maintaining a healthy heart.

5. Hazelnuts:

Hazelnuts are produced by the Corylus tree and is a rich source of vitamins, protein, minerals and essential fats. It has a sweet flavor and can be eaten both raw and roasted. Hazelnuts are one of the key ingredients in assorted chocolates too. Nutrition and health wise, hazelnuts help in weight loss, repairing of damaged cells, lowering the cholesterol levels, supporting heart health and improving the production of insulin in the pancreas.

The bottom-line is whether consumed raw, processed or cooked, the health benefits of the dry fruits are abundant and for anyone who is not an ardent fruit lover, a handful of dry fruits is all that is needed to supplement the nutritional needs of the body.

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